Geoff Pike

Welcome to my Photography website


Software Engineer working in the Automation Industry with a growing interest in Photography. Really wanted to improve my photography as I perhaps understand the technical aspects of how a camera works.

Processing files, using digital darkroom software tools is fascinating.  I enjoy taking what the camera captures and converting the image into something pleasing very satisfying, although I'm far from understanding many features.

I'm working on learning how to improve my creative (artistic?) skills. I've built this website to provide a record of photo shoots, so that I can share with friends and family.  Hopefully, there will be consistent improvement in my photography (and website) over time.  


Learning about using portable studio flash in an outdoor environment with Stella.  


I was in Iceland for a few days in January 2019.  What a fabulous country!!


A trip of to London to see Stanley Kubrick Exhibition before it continued its tour around the world.


During the COVID-19 restrictions, the Brighton and Hove Camera club had a theme for people to take pictures 'through their window'.


During the COVID-19 restrictions, once people started returning to the beach the litter increased.  I joined one of the councillors out on a Beach Clean.


A day trip from Livingston, Zambia to the Botswana National Park, taken in 2008.

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Thank you for visiting. I hope you found the site interesting.