Equipment and Links

My Gear and Recommendations

Below is list of sites, software, and photographic equipment that I use (and recommend).  

Note, there's links to associated external websites embedded in the logos.

Brighton and Hove Camera Club

Signing up with BHCC was a great decision. On joining you are welcome to come to their monthly Thursday night 'New Members Group'. This aims to help all levels of photographers and covers a broad range of techniques and workshops. It's a great way to meet the other new members too.

Regular presentation nights are held weekly on Tuesdays. There's been some superb photographers talk about their work/lives, plus critique evenings and members nights.

Rapid Weaver and Foundation Stacks

This site is built using Rapidweaver using the Total CMS stacks and Foundation theme developed by Joe Workman. I very happy with it and would recommend these if your looking to develop a site yourself (only runs on Mac OSX).

I've finished the process (wasn't too complex) of upgrading Stacks to the Foundation 6 theme. However, looking to continuously improve the site.

Adobe Creative Cloud

A monthly subscription for the photographers' apps get's you their latest applications. BHCC covers how to process pictures, and once I'd ditched Adode Bridge and started learning how to catalogue and process in Lightroom Classic I really began to develop (pun intended). This step was arguably the most important step since embarking on improving my photography.


The first camera I ever played with was a Kodak Brownie. It was owned originally by my Mum. Later, I got a 35mm 'Cannon' as a Christmas present. It took several months before my Dad realised that it was a cheap 'Canon' replica (which might be elevating it somewhat), but it lasted through my teens and survived university.

After moving to Brighton, I bought a second-hand Nikon SLR with a lovely Tokina lens on eBay. The camera, an N90 (US version of the F90) and being 35mm film was eventually put in a charity shop (something I have regretted many times). I kept the lens and still use it, along with a whole load of other miscellaneous 'essentials'.

I've listed a few of those essentials below, along with any recommended unusual bits of equipment that I've bought and enjoy playing with.

Cameras and Lenses


Nikon - D750 (full frame) and a D300S (DX)

AF-S 35mm f1.8 G DX, AF-S 105mm macro f2.8 G ED, AF-S 70-300mm f4.5-5.6 G ED Tokina - 28-70mm f2.8





Lighting and Controllers:
Pocket AD200 Pro (pocket flash)
Speedlight TT685-N (flash)
XPro-N (wireless control)


Pluto Trigger (multi-purpose flash and exposure control)
Pluto Dropper (links to Trigger to provide droplets as controlled in the associated App)


Camera Strap - adjustable and quickly modified from neck to shoulder configuration.


VEO 2 Aluminium travel Tripod


Star Tracker:
Polarie Star Tracker
Polar Meter
Polarie Polar Scope PF-L
Polar Fine Adjustment Unit